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Hope. Courage. Faith. Strength. Believe.

Jen's Friends AmuletsIn the summer of 2005, Mt Washington Valley businessman Steve Eastman was diagnosed with cancer. His sister, Susie Eastman Walton, a jewelry maker in Boulder, Colorado, created a simple unisex leather necklace with a silver word tag featuring one of the above five words for Steve and members of their family to wear as a symbol – or amulet — of hope and unity. Steve chose the word Courage for his amulet, but he wanted the necklaces to empower more than just his fight against cancer. He asked his brother Tom Eastman, also a member of the Valley community, to connect with Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation about selling the amulets to raise money to support the organization’s efforts to help other cancer patients.

Steve went one step further and reached out to Stoney Morrell, then owner of Storyland, to donate the seed money to create the first 200 pendants. Stoney was always a generous man with others on his mind, and despite being in the middle of his own battle against cancer, he agreed to donate the money so that 100% of the money raised by the sale of the amulets could go to Jen’s Friends. The beautiful Jen’s Friends amulet fundraising program was born.

While neither Steve nor Stoney are with us today, their generosity continues to benefit Jen’s Friends with the sale of amulets. Jen’s Friends salutes Steve, Stoney, Susie and Tom for having faith, courage, strength and hope and for believing in the goodness of people helping one another.

The Jen’s Friends amulet features a sterling silver hand-stamped pendant on a unisex leather necklace in one of two lengths: 16 or 18 inches. The pendant is inscribed with one of these five powerful words: hope, courage, faith, strength or believe. Just as the Eastman family did, wear a Jen’s Friends Amulet as a symbol of loving support.

How to Purchase an Amulet Necklace
Amulet necklaces are $25 and may be purchased at these locations in the Mt Washington Valley:

  • North Country Fair Jewelers, North Conway
  • Soyfire Candle, North Conway
  • Spruce Hurricane, North Conway
  • J-Town Deli and Country Store, Jackson

Amulets may also be purchased by mail or online below ($6 shipping and handling added).

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