Where The Money Goes

Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation is currently assisting more than 70 families who are battling cancer. In 2017, Jen’s Friends spent $205,000 on client expenses, for an average of $17,000 per month.

Your contributions are used to provide supplemental financial assistance to clients. That means that we supplement existing financial resources to pay for non-medical expenses that are not covered by other programs (such as Medicare, fuel assistance, etc.)

The types of support given to a client are customized to that client’s situation and financial needs. Listed below are some of the expenses Jen’s Friends could support:

  • Rent, mortgage, taxes
  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Travel expenses to and from chemotherapy and radiation treatments
  • Child care during times of treatment
  • Prescriptions not covered by other sources
  • Prescription and insurance co-payments
  • Other special expenses to support quality of life

We do not make payments directly to our clients. Instead, we make payments to their vendors, such as the mortgage or utility companies. We also establish accounts at grocery stores or gas stations for our clients and their families.

Your donations are not used to cover direct medical expenses or primary care services. Also not covered is personal travel not associated with approved treatments.

Because we are an all-volunteer organization, no money is used for research or salaries. Thanks to the generosity of a sponsor who covers Jen’s Friends’ operating expenses, 100% of what you donate is immediately available to aid cancer patients and their families. Furthermore, all funds remain in the Mount Washington Valley region.

Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation is one of the few cancer non-profit organizations which gives back directly to the community.