51-year-old Margaret is single and lives in an apartment. After being diagnosed with cancer, she delayed treatment because of her limited income. As she was not enrolled in the Medicaid program at the time, the full burden of Margaret’s medical expenses fell entirely on her.

Teenage Jack is also battling cancer. His mother, Jean, was forced to quit her job in order to keep up with Jack’s daily radiation treatments in Maine, as well as his frequent appointments at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. Without Jean’s income, the family struggled to meet daily grocery and gas expenses.

Frank and Simone are an elderly couple living on a fixed income. Following Simone’s cancer diagnosis, she and Frank not only struggled with its emotional turmoil, but also with the economic burden of paying for her expensive pain medication.

What do Mount Washington Valley residents like Margaret, Jack and his family, and Frank and Simone have in common beside their daily struggle with cancer? They—along with over 160 other cancer patients—have all received critical support from Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation since the organization’s inception in 1998.

Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation provides supplemental financial assistance and other resources to cancer patients and their families who are uninsured, underinsured, or financially challenged, allowing them to focus on battling cancer without worrying about the indirect financial burdens that often arise. Financial support is tailored to the individual’s needs, and may include support for housing, utilities, groceries, pharmaceuticals, childcare and travel costs.

Currently, 36 patients and families, like Margaret, Jack and his family, and Frank and Simone, are receiving critical Jen’s Friends support, such as:

  • Assistance with mortgage, rent and utility bills
  • Established accounts with local supermarkets to help pay grocery bills
  • Financial support for childcare during times of treatment
  • Gas cards for travel expenses to regional cancer centers

Jen’s Friends earns most of the funds necessary to carry out its mission through two annual fundraising events: the Climb Against Cancer, an annual hike up the slopes of Mount Cranmore in North Conway, New Hampshire, and a golf tournament, held in Jackson. In addition, funds are raised through the sale of the Jen’s Friends amulets and earrings.
Mission Statement

It is the mission of Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation (JFCF) to maintain the quality of life, to promote healing, and to empower clients and families to be active participants in their fight against cancer. JFCF provides financial support, assesses the need for community-based support or resources, and assists clients and families in obtaining services and support to maximize their ability to overcome cancer.

In accomplishing our mission, we are guided by the following principles and beliefs:

  • JFCF recognizes that all persons diagnosed with cancer may be empowered to maintain a sense of normalcy and focus on healing. JFCF seeks to achieve this by providing financial and human resources to assist clients and families in battling cancer.
  • JFCF is committed to raising and disbursing funds that are used for direct client-based needs and costs.
  • JFCF strives to promote and foster partnerships by working with other community-based groups to achieve a common goal. JFCF is an active participant in community events and promotions in order to build awareness of its purpose and mission.
  • JFCF focuses on strategic planning and innovative management in order to maintain and increase its position in the community.

Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation is operated entirely by volunteers throughout New England. We are a registered not-for-profit organization in the State of New Hampshire with federal 501(c)(3) status. All donations to Jen’s Friends are tax deductible.